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My love in being a realtor for 24 years has increased every year. Why you may ask…. because every year I meet and help home buyers and sellers that give me almost as much happiness as my 5 daughters, 3 sons and, yes that goes for my wife—my high school sweetheart…as well as my 29 grandchildren {at least some of them}.

The Real Estate business changes from year to year – but the objectives of buyers and sellers never do.
The want the best.
Does experience matter? You bet it does!
But I must tell you that of all my may notes received from past clients—none top the one I received from a Senior Citizen who asked me to place her home on the market because she had been advised to sell it and move to a retirement community. She had lived in this beautiful waterfront home for 40 years. (At this time, I had another client looking for such a waterfront property and I knew I could sell it quickly.) I spent some time with my client including observing her daily routine. I finally asked her if she wanted to sell, and she said no. She wrote me this note:

“Dear Tom:
I really do not know hot to thank you for your help. Your compassionate understanding of my situation and unselfish suggestion did my heart good.
I will now put things on hold for awhile and see what the Good Lord has in store for me.
Gratefully yours….”

So how can I help you?

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